Welcome to CASARA Ottawa

Celebrating over 25 years of service in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.
CASARA is a national volunteer organization which is funded by the Department of National Defence to assist the RCAF in their mandate of providing air search and rescue in Canada. CASARA also has the mandate to promote flight safety for general aviation. CASARA Ontario also has a memorandum of understanding with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the Ministry of Natural Resources to provide air services for ground and inland marine SAR.

CASARA Ottawa receive our taskings from the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) located at CFB Trenton and works with 424 Transport and Rescue squadron.


CASARA Ottawa meets on the third Tuesday of the month (except December) at 19:00.
We have recently had to change locations for our meetings and at the moment don't have a fixed location.
For March and April 2019 we'll be meeting at the Sandy Hill Community Centre,  250 Somerset St East.


CASARA Ottawa holds Search and Rescue exercises on the weekend following the Tuesday meeting. The exercises are normally held at the Rockcliffe Flying Club (RFC) starting at 08:30. RFC is located at the Rockcliffe airport (CYRO) and serves as CASARA Ottawa's primary operational base. All of the aircraft used by CASARA Ottawa are based at CYRO and RFC kindly provides space for storing CASARA Ottawa's equipment.

CASARA Ottawa is a fully mobile unit and to train for that, some exercises are held at other locations each year.

Quick Stats



 SAR Actuals

 Training Events

 Total Volunteer Hours

 2018  38  3  29  1515
 2017  40  4  25  2149
 2016  33  4  33  2304




































 2008  40  2  38  3752.9